Diane Cassidy

Some reasons why you might want to talk with a therapist.

• Going through a difficult transition, such as divorce, career change, or “empty-nest”?
Accept a current path or find new direction in your life.
• Having trouble forgiving and healing, or overcoming childhood trauma?
Shed old beliefs, heal forgotten trauma, and discover deeper truths.
• Often choosing fear over love?
Learn to listen to your heart and follow your intuition.
• Feeling trapped in co-dependent behavior or abuse?
Free yourself to improve relationships with your partner, friends, co-workers, God, yourself.
• Repeating the same old mistakes?
Deal with addictive or compulsive behavior.
• Feeling you’ve lost your way on your spiritual path?
Restore your inner peace through a connection with nature.
• Wanting to bring more abundance into your life?
Learn the law of attraction and how to manifest your desires.
• Yearning for someone to listen with empathy and compassion?
Enhance your self-image and esteem.
• Searching for healing?
Address forgiveness issues or healing challenges.
• Wondering if there is something more to life?
Relax, meditate, laugh and renew your spirit.