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What is Sex Therapy?

These days, many couples find it hard to fit sex into their busy schedules. And it’s perfectly normal for people to go through periods when they’re just not in the mood for lovemaking.
But if you chronically lack desire for sex — for emotional or physical reasons — you may want to consider sex therapy. Seeking treatment for sex problems has become more socially acceptable today, but it’s still not easy for many people to talk to a professional about such an intimate area.

I use a variety of techniques to assess, restore, and improve the sexual elements of intimate relationships.

Some of the techniques include:
• sexual history taking
• identifying and changing patterns in sexual behaviour
• sexual and relationship education
• take home assignments

What Happens During Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy is typically short-term and goal-focused. We will discuss your reasons for seeking sex therapy.
To help formulate interventions, you will be asked to share your sexual history. In reflecting on your sexual past, you may find that certain events impact on your present. We will work together to reach goals through sexual and relationship education, assignments, involvement of your partner, and creation of a maintenance plan.

Who Seeks Therapy?

Heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered individuals are welcome to work on concerns which include: absence of orgasm; erection or ejaculation difficulties; sexual trauma; mismatched levels of sexual desire; infertility; and sexual concerns related to the natural aging processes, illness, pain, Multiple Sclerosis, surgery, physical injury, etc.

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