Diane Cassidy

R.N., R.S.S.W., B.A. Psychology, RP, M.A.

Psychotherapy with Diane Cassidy

I believe in honesty, respect, confidentiality, trust and accountability

Over 30 years of experience

My pronouns are she/her

Diane Cassidy, R.N., R.S.S.W., B.A. Psychology, RP, M.A. Registered Psychotherapist and Sex Therapist has been in private practice in Whitby for over 28 years and has over 30 years of experience working with individual, couples, and families.

She is a registered nurse, with her diploma as a Social Service worker, B.A. in Psychology, Masters of Art in Education, diploma in Health Care Administration, and has completed an advanced Family Mediation Diploma. Diane is Certified in Psycho-dramatic Bodywork. She is a Marriage Counselor. Diane also has experience with polyamory, kink and open relationships communities. She is currently working on her Internal Family Systems Certification or IFS.

Diane opened a book and self help store called Sacred Quest 13 years ago.  The store is to support individuals on there healing journeys. Diane is committed to life long learning and to helping individuals help themselves.

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Areas of Specialization

Here are a few areas I specialize in.

Self esteem

Communication Issues

Anxiety and Depression

Marriage counselling, relationship counselling

Prices range from $150 to $190 CAD dollars per hour.
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"It is amazing to me how quickly I was able to change my negative thinking to more positive thoughts. I now use this coping strategy whenever I feel anxious. My world is brighter now. Thanks, Diane"
"Saying affirmations requires at first, a little bit of faith. During the onset, it feels weird and uncomfortable to wake up and say nice things to yourself but it’s really something we should be able to do. It’s not instantaneous but stay with it because it will lead you to new and better ways of looking at situations, yourself and others."
"The affirmations are so hard to do, I didn’t believe them at first, but after I said them over and over again, I started to believe them. Once I believed them, I started to feel more positive. I started to walk with confidence."

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